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Hydroponic Growing Systems - Aeroponic

Aeroponics is the perfect way to grow plants without the use of any media. The roots are fed using nutrient rich mist. The available oxygen created by this method also helps with the growth of the plants.

The Aeroponic growing systems supplied by Teignbridge Horticulture help young plants flourish to provide larger yields. You can guarantee that your indoor plants will have a better start to their growth.

    Amazon 4 Pot Small Hole

    Amazon 4 Pot Small Hole

    Amazon 4 Pot Small Hole

    • £135.00

    • Quantity:

    The Amazon is an aeroponic growing system. Young plants or rooted cuttings are placed in mesh pots and suspended in a misting chamber that sits on top of a nutrient solution tank. The roots are constantly misted with nutrient solution whilst being suspended in air and grow down into the chamber.

    Unused nutrient solution drains back into the tank so there's no water-logging and no restriction of oxygen to the roots, plus there's no build up of damaging nutrient salts in the root zone.

    Plants grown in an Amazon Aeroponic system have constant access to nutrient solution and oxygen. They take up much more water and nutrients than plants fed a few times a day. The more oxygen, water and nutrients a plant can absorb, the better the yield. 

    Unrestricted access to oxygen, nutrients and water = explosive growth!

    Kit contents:
    reservoir 50lt
    delivery system
    mesh pots
    neoprene collars
    emptying tube
    ph down
    ph test kit
    full instructions

    Please note, we now only have the new upgraded version in stock, which comes with easy access, large ports.

    Watch the video below about setting up your Amazon system. I recommend using the mute button.


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