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Hydroponic Growing Media - Soil

Still the easiest way to grow plants is to use soil and often the preferred way for the professional indoor grower, especially those who prefer to grow organically.

Outstanding results are still achieved using soil to grow plants and Teignbridge Horticulture offer a range of growing media in the hydro shop including NEW Dutch Pro, Plant Magic Soil Supreme, Bio Bizz All Mix and Canna Terra Professional.

    Canna Terra Professional 50lt

    Canna Terra Professional 50lt

    Canna Terra Professional 50lt

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    Canna Terra Professional plus is a 100% natural organic product, free of harmful viruses or soil diseases and low on weed seeds or other micro-organisms. It has a complex air/water system, creating the ideal circumstance for almost any form of cultivation.

    Canna Terra Professional is a lightly pre-fertilised medium


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