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Digital Ballasts

Digital Ballasts use the latest technology to be more efficient and quieter than older analogue ballasts, whilst being softer on the bulb. Instead of the old transformers and capacitors, these new digital ballasts use a micro processor like you would find in a home computer.

Digital ballasts are better described as intelligent ballasts as they have the ability to understand the differences between bulb types and to power them accordingly. Digital ballasts feature a safety feature where as if a bulb fails because it is defective or not compatible, the ballast will shutdown if it cannot successfully light the bulb after a failed attempt.

Teignbridge Horticulture only supply the best ballasts on the market as there are many inferior ballasts sold by other companies that do not meet the requirements of the growers. We have tested many digital ballasts on offer and shortlisted what we believe to be the most reliable ranges available.

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