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    Air Cooled Supernova 150mm

    Air Cooled Supernova 150mm

    Air Cooled Supernova 150mm

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    This is an adaptation of a quality reflector that really works. If temperature is an issue then this air cooled reflector is a must. 

    6"/150mm ducting is attached at both ends of the reflector and a fan is attached at one end of the ducting which draws the air through, cooling the lamp as it passes.  

    Additional reflectors can also be joined together and cooled off the same fan providing the fans airflow is suitable. Each air cooled Supernova needs approx 200m³/h pulled through them. 

    It is sealed with a removable cover which houses the glass. 

    Suitable for 250w, 400w, 600w, 1000w HID lamps.

    Comes complete with a 5m cable, glass and cover.

    Approx size 50x45x20cm


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