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    Parabolic Silver 100cm

    Parabolic Silver 100cm

    Parabolic Silver 100cm

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    Because the lamp is mounted vertically the heat it produces naturally drifts upwards out through the vents in the top of the reflector. This creates a situation where the plants can get a lot closer to the lamp without causing any damage and it helps to maintain a cooler growing environment for your plants. 

    This reflector is not as robust as the white version and uses the same top plate as the white version but is undoubtedly more reflective. Highly polished aluminium reflector.
    Comes with a 5m cable and is flat packed so assembly is required.

    Suitable for 250w, 400w, 600w, 1000w HID lamps and 125w, 250w CFL lamps 

    Approx size 100cm diameter 35cm high


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