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    Canna Mono Nitrogen 1lt

    Canna Mono Nitrogen 1lt

    Canna Mono Nitrogen 1lt

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    Canna Moni Liquid Nitrogen Hydroponic Nutrient plays a leading role with the protein synthesis and with the energy metabolism. Therefore, it is crucial for the development of the plant. In addition it has an influence on the chlorophyll, the DNA and the secondary metabolites. Furthermore, it increases the resistance of the plant.

    Canna Mono Liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be immediately absorbed by the plant and stimulates the vegetal growth. With the exception of fertilisers containing concentrated sulphate, liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be mixed with most fertilisers.

    Used Canna Mono Nitrogen if plants show a Nitrigen deficiency. 

    Dosage: 1 - 2ml per litre

    This mineral fertiliser contains 18% (m/m) N, 6% ammonium, 11% amid nitrogen and 10% nitrate.


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