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    Canna Mono Potassium 1lt

    Canna Mono Potassium 1lt

    Canna Mono Potassium 1lt

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    Canna Mono Potassium Hydroponic Nutrient is an essential element for plant growth. Potassium plays a role to stimulate bloom, the protein and the carbohydrate synthesis, the water balance and the transport of water and nutrients in the plant.

    Canna Mono Potassium can be immediately absorbed by the plant, and fortifies the cell tissue. It also increases the resistance and promotes the quantity and the quality of the blooming top. Potassium in concentrated form cannot be mixed with fertilisers containing calcium and magnesium.

    Use Canna Mono Potassium if plants show a Potassium deficiency.
    Dosage: 1 - 2ml per litre

    This mineral fertiliser contains 20% (m/m) K2O and is chloride free.


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