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Canna Products

Canna Hydro Products

Canna Hydro is used for growing plants in run to waste systems where the water is drained away and not returned. One of the advantages of these systems is that the growing plant is always receiving fresh nutrients during each feed and reduces the chances of contamination.

Canna Aqua Products

Canna Aqua is formulated for re-circulating systems. In this particular system the water is re-used instead of draining away. One of the advantages of these systems is that it uses fewer nutrients to which the plants have a constant supply.

Canna Terra Products

Canna Terra is a nutrient for growing plants in peat based media. Canna Terra can be used for growing in pots and open potting mixes both indoors and out

Canna Coco Products

Canna Coco is a range of nutrients for growing plants specifically in coco. Canna Coco is popular with both professional growers and the hobby grower.

    Cannazym 5lt

    Cannazym 5lt

    Cannazym 5lt

    • £72.50

    • Quantity:
    Canna Cannazym Hydroponic Nutrient is a natural enzyme preparation, consisting of 12 different enzymes, that speed up the breaking down of dead roots. It prepares your substrate for use/re-use. Canna Cannazym contains root growth stimulating vitamins, beneficial micro organism and stimulating plant extracts.

    For use during the growth and flowering stages in hard and soft water areas.  

    Dilution rate:  2.5ml per litre

    N. P. K.  0 - 2 - 1

    This product cannot be used with Liquid Oxygen or anything containing Hydrogen Peroxide.  


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