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Dutch Pro Nutrients Range

Dutch Pro is known as one of the pioneers suppliers of nutrients from Amsterdam. The first Dutch Pro nutirents were developed more than 30 years ago.

Dutch Pro created a range of nutrients to meet the demands of the modern professional grower. With their success, their products can now be found worldwide. Dutch Pro's user friendly product range is always increasing to further broaden our support to professional and amateur growers.

At our hydro shop and online, Teignbridge Horticulture offer the full range of Dutch Pro nutrients including: Take Root, Soil Grow, Soil Bloom, Dutch Pro Hydro / Coco, Multi Total, Explode and Leaf Green.

    Dutch Pro Soil Grow 5lt A+B Soft Water

    Dutch Pro Soil Grow 5lt A+B Soft Water

    Dutch Pro Soil Grow 5lt A+B Soft Water

    • £26.50

    • Quantity:
    Complete grow feed purposely designed for soil. This product has all of the essential macro and micro growth nutrients necessary for exuberant growth in soil.

    For use during the growth stage in soft water areas.
    Dilution rate up to 3ml of A and 3ml of B per litre.

    Recommended pH 5.8 - 6.5 


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