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Plant Magic Nutrients

The Plant Magic nutrient range has been produced for the UK market. Water samples nationwide have been analysed to ensure that your plants benefit from the correct amount of nutrients.

All of the Plant Magic Plus nutrients are developed to benefit the growth of your plants perfectly

    Plant Magic Flush 5lt Soft Water

    Plant Magic Flush 5lt Soft Water

    Plant Magic Flush 5lt Soft Water

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    The Plant Magic Flush 5lt Soft Water has been designed specifically for the uk market. Many water samples countrywide have been analysed to give you the best flushing agent for your food crops.

    Using this Plant Magic Flush will remove metallic tastes enhancing both flavour and aroma from your fruiting crops. It gives a boost of plant hormones, allowing the plant to use up any residues of excess nutrient as well as aiding the plant to mature.

    The correct balance of salts is also used to aid with the removal of salt residue and nutrient build up in the root zone and the plant sap. This in turn will promote sugar production.

    No pH adjustment is necessary when using this product.

    Use Plant Magic Flush 5lt Soft Water during the last stage of flowering in soft water areas.

    Do not use with H2o2 (oxy plus)


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