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Plant Magic Nutrients

The Plant Magic nutrient range has been produced for the UK market. Water samples nationwide have been analysed to ensure that your plants benefit from the correct amount of nutrients.

All of the Plant Magic Plus nutrients are developed to benefit the growth of your plants perfectly

    Plant Magic Bloom Boost 5lt

    Plant Magic Bloom Boost 5lt

    Plant Magic Bloom Boost 5lt

    • £32.50

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    This is a PK 13/14 Booster from Plant Magic for fruiting crops. Using this product will ensure your fruit crops benefit from faster growth as well as becoming larger and more dense.

    Plant Magic Bloom Boost also contains some elements of Nitrogen to maintain a balanced nutrient profile.

    Should be used as a supplement to your bloom feed with any system and growing medium.

    Use Plant Magic Bloom Boost during the last half of the flowering stage in hard and soft water areas.

    Dilution rate:   Hydro/Coco - 2ml per litre
                           Soil - 1ml per litre


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