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Propagation Accessories

Seed Propagation, Plant Propagation Accessories from Teignbridge Horticulture. Indoor plants need specific environmental conditions and nutrients to grow successfully. Your grow room is not complete without our propagation accessories like Clonex and Formulex.

Clonex is one of the most widely used Rooting Hormones available and is essential for the professional indoor grower.

    Canna Start 1lt

    Canna Start 1lt

    Canna Start 1lt

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    Canna Vega Start Hydroponic Nutrient is a balanced one-part nutrient for seedlings and (rooted) cuttings. Canna Start can be used on various substrates such as Rockwool, Jiffy plugs, Root Riot and many more.

    Canna Vega Start gives you all the micro and macro nutritional elements for a seedling or a cutting to develop into a strong healthy plant.

    For use during the early growth stage in hard and soft water areas. 

    Dilution rate:  Up to 4ml per litre

    Recommended pH of 5.2 - 6.2

    N. P. K.  2 - 1 - 2


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