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Propagation Accessories

Seed Propagation, Plant Propagation Accessories from Teignbridge Horticulture. Indoor plants need specific environmental conditions and nutrients to grow successfully. Your grow room is not complete without our propagation accessories like Clonex and Formulex.

Clonex is one of the most widely used Rooting Hormones available and is essential for the professional indoor grower.

    Formulex 100ml

    Formulex 100ml

    Formulex 100ml

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    Formulex is most commonly used to soak starter cubes in preparation for seeds and cuttings, although it can be added to any schedule and used to grow plants into maturity.

    It is a complete balanced nutrient for use in soil and hydro.

    It can also be used as a foliar feed.

    N.P.K  2.4-0.9-3.4

    Use between 5-10ml per litre


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