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Successful Plant and seed propagation is paramount when growing indoor plants to their absolute potential.

New Shoots are all different and each need varying environmental and feeding treatments to enable them to grow as efficient as possible. We have propagation products for all of your requirements from Teignbridge Horticulture.

    Stewart Unheated Propagator (Medium)

    Stewart Unheated Propagator (Medium)

    Stewart Unheated Propagator (Medium)

    • £8.00

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    High quality unheated propagator from Stewart. Lid vents to help control temperature and humidity.

    Fits standard tray of 24 cubes.

    Approx size - 38x24x18cm.

    Some people use a layer of Perlite in the bottom of the propagator to prevent the propagation media from drying out and to help maintain humidity levels.


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