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Successful Plant and seed propagation is paramount when growing indoor plants to their absolute potential.

New Shoots are all different and each need varying environmental and feeding treatments to enable them to grow as efficient as possible. We have propagation products for all of your requirements from Teignbridge Horticulture.

    Nutriculture X-Stream 120 Site

    Nutriculture X-Stream 120 Site

    Nutriculture X-Stream 120 Site

    • £170.00

    • Quantity:
    The X-Stream aeroponic propagator encourages rapid root growth in cuttings. The conditions are ideal so cuttings have thicker, stronger roots and have a larger root to plant ratio resulting in plants being ready to transplant earlier.

    The lack of growing medium means less risk of pests and disease in your grow area. Heat and humidity can be controlled using the large top vents.

    Your cuttings are placed in mesh pots using neoprene clone collars, the pots are then suspended inside a misting chamber and cuttings are constantly sprayed with a mist of nutrient solution.

    This constant supply of nutrient, water and oxygen, combined with the lack of restrictive growing medium, encourages roots to develop rapidly as they ‘push out’ to access the nutrient solution.

    Suitable for up to 120 cuttings.

    New model now available with an upgraded, more sturdy top plate.

    Approx Size 115x64.5x46cm

    Kit contents:                             
    Mesh pots
    Neoprene collars
    Delivery tube inc spray heads

    Watch the video below about setting up your X-Stream propagator. I recommend using the mute button.


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