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Hydroponic Pumps Heaters and Timers

Controlling your indoor grow room is essential when you want the best out of your indoor plants.

Hydroponic Heaters

During extreme weather in the summer and winter you need to be able to maintain a stable temperature with the grow room.

In the winter months when the temperature drops significantly, you will need a heater to achieve the optimum temperature. As important are nutrient heaters to prevent water temperatures from dropping too low. At our hydro shop in Exeter and our online hydro shop we supply a range grow room heaters to help control the temperature of your indoor grow room.

Hydroponic Pumps

Nutrient pumps are essential in some systems and are also used to circulate reservoirs. Air pumps are used to oxygenate nutrient solutions.

Grow Room Timers

Making your indoor grow room automatic is the best way to free up your time and increase your yield. Professional indoor growers will use grow room timers for their systems, air and water pumps and for air intake in the colder months. Using timers to automate your grow room can also reduce errors with timing mistakes and will allow the room to be functional in your absence.

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