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Extractor Fans and Intake Fans

    Isomax Acoustic Fan 315mm (2380m3/h)

    Isomax Acoustic Fan 315mm (2380m3/h)

    Isomax Acoustic Fan 315mm (2380m3/h)

    • £330.00

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    The new Isomax II Acoustic Fans incorporate high-quality, high-air movement Etaline fan motors placed inside sealed acoustic cases making them a great alternative to a traditional box fan that is difficult to mount and often very noisy.

    They can move very large amounts of air quietly and are much more efficient than standard fans.

    As well as being surprisingly lightweight for fans of this size and quality, the Isomax II's also use low-energy motors so they don't require as much electricity but still maintain high levels of torque.

    NOTE! These units run much better with a voltage stepper rather than a resistor style fan speed controller.

    315mm/12" pulls 2380m³ per hour.


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